The Kiss - Digital print on paper

These artworks are prints on paper , canvas and transparent films
- The images are taken from digital X-Ray machines .
- No Human or animal body is harmed for creating these works , the human X-ray images are dump / waste images collected from hospitals in form of film and digital image , object’s X-rays are taken by me with high end Digital X-ray machine and transfer to computer for creating art works
- Human body X-rays are in small size due to limitation of xray plate size, I assemble it in computer with proper anatomy and muscle study of human body with help of my parents who are Doctors , medical professionals and other radiologist who are experts in taking x-ray images
- I create my artwork with xray images in computer then I print it on paper or canvas , after printing them I use different material on canvas like leather, artificial leather , PU, PVC glue , stitching, oil or acrylic colours , etc, I use archival quality print material for durability of artworks.

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